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Lizbeth Larkin- President

President's Message

Historically the Cranston Teachers’ Alliance local 1704 has exemplified the commitment of the union to its members for over 50 years. The leadership of the Cranston Teachers’ Alliance has worked diligently to improve salaries, benefits, and working conditions. They went further to secure choice and equity and professional opportunities within the district. These efforts were to prevent cronyism, nepotism, and favoritism. Another point of pride is the culture of political activism that continues within the organization. This engagement has ensured that our members always have a voice in decision-making and the development of making regulations, policy, and procedure of law. As professionals, the Cranston Teachers’ Alliance has always been a leader in the development and dissemination of exceptional professional development. The success of these professional learning standards has been recognized not only at a local level, but at a state level as well, especially regarding educator evaluation.


As president I am so proud of the hard work that occurs in every school to ensure that students receive the best education, services, and support in order to meet success in the future.

                                            Together we stay strong! Union strong!

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